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Our brand of barcode Printers are simple to use, fail-proof barcode printing with astonishing durability, lower costs, and ultimate user satisfaction. Featuring cutting-edge technology and quality craftsmanship, providing our customers with stable and trust-worthy Bar-coding printers. We strive to help our customers cut costs and maximize efficiency.

Weightron is proud to be an official Southern African distributor of the internationally acclaimed and trusted brands of Postek, TSC and Sato Bar- Coding Printers. Postek, TSC and Sato has engineered high-performance products in portable, compact, general purpose, and industrial footprints.

These companies bring a new level of technological advancements to the barcode printer market. Precision built barcode printers boast leading edge mechanics and intuitive functionality.

Weightrons Care Policy

We offer full Inspection, testing and calibration to all types of scales, Source of replacement parts, System and software product upgrades and installations.

Preventive maintenance service for all types of weighing equipment & Calibration Certification.

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